St. Vincent Pallotti College – Bangalore

St. Vincent Pallotti College

Approved by Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bengaluru North University

Chelikere, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560 043

About Christian Students Association (CSA)

Christian Students Association is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, building meaningful connections, and serving others with compassion. Our mission is to provide a welcoming space where students can explore and deepen their faith journey while engaging in fellowship with peers who share similar beliefs.

The Christian Students Association (CSA) is an active and inclusive community committed to nurturing spiritual development, forging significant relationships, and demonstrating compassion through service. Our aim is to create an inviting environment where students can cultivate and strengthen their faith while connecting with fellow peers who share common beliefs.




Prof. Navitha Angelina


Prof. Suriyaa


Prof. Ebenezer Roseline


Dr. Shiny Rocky


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