St. Vincent Pallotti College – Bangalore

St. Vincent Pallotti College

Approved by Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bengaluru North University

Chelikere, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560 043

Likha Club

Likha Club, an integral part of the Department of Business Administration, was established in the year 2022. The club is dedicated to staying abreast of current affairs and significant events, serving as a hub for students to engage with and discuss the latest developments in the business world. Beyond mere information dissemination, Likha Club aims to foster a culture of awareness, encouraging members to analyze, interpret and draw insights from the dynamic landscape of contemporary business and global affairs. Through various activities, discussions and initiatives, the club seeks to create a vibrant platform that not only informs but also cultivates a deeper understanding of the multifaceted business environment. In essence, Likha Club serves as a conduit for intellectual growth and an arena for the exchange of ideas, contributing to the holistic education of its members within the realm of Business Administration.


Office Bearers

Ms. Saranya President
Ms. Maheshwari Vice- President
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