St. Vincent Pallotti College – Bangalore

St. Vincent Pallotti College

Approved by Govt. of Karnataka, Affiliated to Bengaluru North University

Chelikere, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560 043

The millennials of today need an all-round development than the Generation Next. The inevitable peer group influence, crude and rude exposure to influential social media necessitates the need for mentoring of our student community. In addition to class mentor (faculty members) there is a growing demand for mentors beyond class hours. To cater to the students need and enable them to mold their thinking and shape their personality St. Vincent Pallotti College had envisioned an idea to collaborate with “MENTOR TOGETHER” an NGO whose vision and philosophy portrayed our needs. Hence the SWOs invited “MENTOR TOGETHER” to have a presentation and inauguration of Online Mentoring to the students of SVPC. On 12th October 2022, Ms. Ashitha Mariat Paul, Program Coordinator, Mentor Together was the Resource Person. Dr. E. Jerome Xavier, the Principal, presided over the session and in his speech he insisted on the importance of having Mentors who will not only help the individuals to come out of their stressful situations but also will act as guides in channeling their mentees’ to lead in the right path. Ms. Ashitha, the resource person, gave a short briefing about the organization Mentor Together, a non-profit organization facilitating one-on-one mentoring programs, through the online platform offered by the organization. On the online app the students and mentors will learn about the program through educational or non-profit partners. Mentors and mentees can sign-up to the app to do self-learning sessions on their own, get personalized mentoring matches, and also get connected to different group engagement and work experience opportunities through the mentor network. Towards the end of the session the students downloaded the mobile app and signed up for the mentoring sessions. We are aware it is a small beginning towards a wider horizon.

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